Our Services

What We Offer

We provide ongoing planning and advice about all aspects of your finances. To start we will create a comprehensive financial plan for your family and use it as the roadmap for future decision making. Your financial plan will cover the following areas: risk management, debt management, estate planning, tax planning and investment management. As life happens, your financial plan will evolve over time in order match your needs and goals at all times.

After completion of your initial plan, we will work closely with you throughout our relationship. Typical areas in which we provide ongoing advice are:

- 403(b), 401(a), 401(k) savings strategies
- Establishing income and expense plan
- Coordinating pension and Social Security benefits
- Creating investment portfolio withdrawal strategies
- Reducing and managing debt
- ROTH conversions
- Refinancing a mortgage

- Buying/selling real estate
- Consolidating investment accounts
- Reallocating and rebalancing investment portfolios
- Amending insurance coverage (life, health, LTC, disability, etc.)
- Updating estate documents (will, trusts, beneficiary designation, etc.)
- Selecting appropriate income tax withholding

Investment Management

We can help you enjoy the long-term benefits of broad diversification, tax-efficient and low-cost investing

Financial Planning

We utilize a goals-based approach to planning - a proactive process that will help you and your family build wealth on a solid financial foundation.

403(B) Consulting

As an educator, you may not be able to depend on a future pension to fully cover your retirement expenses, so establishing and contributing to a 403(b) plan is very important.

Estate Planning

No matter your net worth, you need estate planning. We work with experienced estate attorneys to create suitable plans for our clients.

Tax Planning

We implement dynamic and tax-efficient portfolios according to your goals.

Risk Management

Our role is to help you understand what things (premature death, disability, etc.) can disrupt your financial plans and develop strategies to minimize those risks.

Our Process

Getting to know your needs

We'll Talk About:

- Personal and financial backgrounds so that we can know more about you and how money plays a role in your life.

- Communication preferences so we know how you talk about money, and how can we support that.

- Money personalities so we can talk about spending, saving, investing, and planning.

- Money values so we know what you want your money to do for you, and how can we make it happen.

Creating a Custom Financial Plan

Together We'll Work On:

Financial Wellness – This is the state of your cash flow, how you manage debt (and how to get out of it), your net worth and what’s available for emergencies, as well as life planning for your goals.

Risk management aka Insurance planning - It’s super necessary and it doesn’t have to be boring. We want to make sure that you, your family and assets are protected.

Retirement & Financial independence - We’ll make sure you’re on track for your future financial independence and retirement while helping you achieve today’s goals, too.

Long-life & Estate planning - After helping you solve your present issues, we will focus on what you want to do with you legacy when you are no longer here. 


General Questions

Yes. At Halliday Financial, we prioritize our clients’ interests over our own. We have an ethical and legal obligation to do so.

Most of our fees are based on the AUM price model. The rest depends on what services are provided to you and your family. The complete fee structure will be fully explained to you after learning what services you need.

Yes we are! Our team is made out of a few CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ professionals. These marks indicate that we have completed rigorous training and education requirements, uphold a strict ethical obligation to our clients, and continue to educate ourselves on the best financial planning and advice practices to build on.

No, we will work with you and your family regardless of your net worth or investable assets.